20 Biggest Cheaters In Sports How They Did It

For each one honorable way to succeed, there are a dozen ways to cheat in order to get there too. Over the thousands of years of sport (although we'll stick to the most recent two hundred or so), these people take the cake for doing it dirty.

In the end, cheating is cheating, but here is a ginormous sampler with an array of flavors.

Ken Schrader's Smokescreen

NASCAR Auto Racing
NASCAR Auto Racing
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Stock car racing is all about "interpreting" the rules, however sometimes drivers find creative ways to cheat that there are no rules for!

When NASCAR's Ken Schrader was competing in a short track event in Seattle, he realized that he didn't have enough tire to last the 10 laps that stood between him and the checkered flag after a restart bunched up the field.

Six laps later, after the second place car had almost caught him, he decided to "simulate" an engine failure by grabbing his in-car fire extinguisher, pointing it out the window and pulling the pin. Thinking the smoke was a sign his motor was about to blow, his competitors backed off just enough to let him first across the line.

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