Cats Showing Us How To Quarantine And Chill

This new reality that we’re facing isn’t only strange and confusing for us, but for our pets as well. Our pets aren’t used to having us home all day, and whether they like this new situation or not, it’s a new reality we are all facing. While our dogs probably enjoy our constant companion and attention, our feline friends – who usually appreciate their privacy – are having a harder time coping with this situation. If you don’t believe us – take a look at these photos people share of their cats and the funny, random things they do.

Home office

Cats Showing Us How To Quarantine and Chill Home office
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Laptop – check, desk – check, comfortable chair – check, cat – check. These are all the essentials you need for a comfortable, accommodating home office. It seems like the cat wanted to help, and he arranged himself a comfortable spot next to his owner, so he could stay by his side all day.

Now that we’re home all day, every day, this is an opportunity for our cats to finally spend some quality time with us. We didn’t know cats required or wanted this time, but while some cats are loners, others are different, and they can be just as friendly and dependent as dogs.

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