Healthy Foods That Are Actually Doing You Harm

Eating healthily is hard. Common misconceptions about food make it difficult to make smart choices. And many supposedly healthy foods are actually really bad for you. Here are some foods that you might think are healthy, but that you should probably avoid...

Even 100% fruit juice is loaded with sugar. And when you drink juice instead of eating fruit whole, you're consuming all of the sugar and none of the healthy fiber you probably aren't getting enough of in the first place. You’re almost always better off eating the fruit and not just drinking its juice.

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Low Fat Ready Meals

Low-Fat Ready Meals 1

A lot of ready meals bill themselves as “low fat”, which is meant to entice to hungry dieters. Without fat in these foods, though, manufacturers use something else to make them tasty: loads of added sugar. And it’s sugar, rather than fat, that makes the body store extra fuel for later. You’re better off eating a smaller portion of a fatty meal, or, better yet, avoid ready meals altogether and make something from scratch.

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