Infamous Us Presidential Controversies That Changed History

Infamous US Presidential Controversies That Changed History
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The U.S. presidency has been one of the most powerful positions in the world since pretty much the moment it was created in the 1780s. However, you know what they say absolute power? The position has been plagued by presidential sex scandals since the very beginning.

We’re sure you can rattle off the famous ones — Clinton, Trump, Kennedy, Jefferson. But did you know that presidents including Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Harrison, and even George Washington himself had sex scandals in their closets that threatened the very fabric of their presidencies? There’s also some presidential candidates on the list who would have brought a lot of baggage.

Come with us as we step behind the curtain — and across the aisle, as any and every political party is represented — and look at the most shocking presidential sex scandals in American history.

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