Moments When Revenge Was Totally Worth It

When something upsetting happens, we all have this uncontrolled urge to get back at the person responsible for it – we just can’t help it. While most of us come up with little schemes and pranks in our heads, knowing we’d never have the courage to execute them, the people in the list below have gone through with their revenge plan, which will not only make you laugh, but might give you some ideas.

Big brother is watching you

Moments When Revenge Was Totally Worth It Big brother is watching you
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The rivalry between siblings is as old as time; although they have endless and unconditional love for each other, siblings also tend to get quite competitive, as this photo shows. When his sister took his $20 without asking, this brother decided to do what he knows best: pull a prank on his sister to teach her a lesson. Of course, these pranks are always harmless, but they are just annoying enough that she might learn the lesson.

As her brother, he has access to her laptop, and he knows her weak spots – her biology project. It didn’t take long to devise this devious plan, and I can imagine the horror on the girl’s face when she wanted to submit her project only to realize she couldn’t find it.

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