Smuggled Photos From Inside North Korea

Smuggled Photos From Inside North Korea
Source: Getty Images

North Korea is currently one of the world’s most mysterious nations. Lorded over by the notorious Kim Jong-un, North Korea is a major player on the world stage thanks to its suspected nuclear capability and Jong-un’s relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. However, even with North Korea being in the news on a daily basis, relatively little is known about life inside the country due to the strict regulations regarding tourist visas. In addition, the government of North Korea banned photos and videos from leaving the country unless they were approved.

Photographer Eric Lafforgue took it upon himself to share what life in North Korea is like with the outside world. He had the chance to visit the mysterious nation six times and snapped breathtaking photos along the way. Laffourgue then illegally smuggled the camera’s memory cards out of the country. Along with the photos, Laffourge included personal anecdotes about his experiences to flesh out what everyday life is really like for the country’s citizens.

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