The Pandemic Places In The World

We are now facing an extraordinary situation in which billions of people around the world are asked to stay-at-home, borders across the world are closing, schools and universities have transitioned their classes online, nonessential businesses are shuttering and companies are requiring their employees to work from home. The impact is noticeable at many top travel destinations, which are now converted into ghost towns we thought only exist in movies.

New York City’s Times Square

The Pandemic Places In The World New York City’s Times Square

From Broadway to Seventh Avenue, Times Square is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Although it is now on standby, it is well-known for having some of the heaviest foot traffic in New York. According to its website, it normally sees around 380,000 pedestrians every day.

New York City went into lockdown on March 22, leaving the normally busy Manhattan with a ghosting aspect. Storefronts still shine in neon in Times Square, billboards blink and lights are still on, there is still magic happening there, but no crowd to enjoy it.

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