These Celebs Are Cringeworthy Without Makeup

Besides Photoshop, when it comes to celebrities and being in the public limelight, cosmetics are often their best friends. Often times, we may not recognize people are au naturale as makeup can have the power and ability to completely transform somebody’s face

These Celebrities Without Makeup, Here’s How They Look!

These Celebrities Without Makeup, Here’s How They Look!

While we have to take these images with a pinch of salt, and recognise that eyelash extensions and microblading have really swooped in where the brow and lash market used to thrive, seeing pulled back makeup can be reassuring on those days you're trying to embrace the low maintenance look (or Sunday to Thursday as we like to call it).

Keep reading to see some of the most stunning (and not as much) ladies of Hollywood!

#21. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Without Makeup

You're only as young as you... look in your last Instagram selfie. At least that's what Ivanka Trump seems to think, after marking her 38th birthday on Wednesday by showing off her wrinkle-free complexion in a makeup-free, pouty-faced snap - while noting that she feels '38 years young'.

After an extemely late night, we totally think she deserves to have a “low key” makeup morning! It was quite a change from the glam looks we’ve seen during the campaign, but she looked absolutely amazing without much makeup at all! No matter who you voted for, I think we can agree she is beautiful!

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